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ITIL® Service Transition (ST)

ITIL® Service Transition (ST)

ITIL® Credits: 3 Credits to ITIL® Expert

Duration: 3 Days
Learning Formats:
eLearning: $40
eLearning Bundle: $310
eLearning Bundle w/Coursepack: $385
Virtual Classroom: $1,949
Classroom: $1,949
Exam: $280

Product Description

The ITIL® Service Transition 3-day course immerses learners in the overall concepts, processes, policies and methods associated with the Service Transition phase of the Service Lifecycle. The course covers the management and control of the activities and techniques within the Service Transition stage, but not the detail of each of the supporting processes. This course is designed using an engaging scenario-based approach to learning the core disciplines of the ITIL® best practice and positions the student to successfully complete the associated exam.


The ITIL® Service Transition Lifecycle course will be of interest to:

Individuals who have their ITIL® Foundation Certificate who want to purse the intermediate and advanced level ITIL® certifications.

Individuals who require understanding of the ITIL® Service Transition phase of the ITIL® core lifecycle and how it may be implemented to enhance the quality of IT service provision within an organization.

IT professionals working in or new to a Service Transition environment and requiring a detailed understanding of the concepts, processes, functions and activities involved.

Individuals seeking the ITIL® Expert certification in IT Service Management for which this qualification is one of the prerequisite modules.

Individuals seeking progress towards the ITIL® Master in IT Service Management for which the ITIL® Expert is a prerequisite.

A typical role includes (but is not restricted to): CIOs, CTOs, managers, supervisory staff, team leaders, designers, architects, planners, IT consultants, IT audit managers, IT security managers, service test managers and ITSM trainers.


At the end of this course, the learner will gain competencies in:

Understanding Service Management as a Practice and Service Transition principles, purpose and objective

Understanding how all Service Transition processes interact with other Service Lifecycle processes

The sub processes, activities, methods and functions used in each of the Service Transition processes

The roles and responsibilities within Service Transition and the activities and functions to achieve operational excellence

How to measure Service Transition performance

Understanding technology and implementation requirements in support of Service Transition

The challenges, critical success factors and risks related with Service Transition


Candidates for this course must hold an ITIL® Foundation Certificate (holders of Foundation certificate from an earlier version of ITIL® , e.g.: ITIL® v2, must pass the current ITIL® Foundation exam before attending this course)

There is no minimum requirement but a basic IT literacy and around 2 years IT experience are highly desirable


Evidence of ITIL® Foundation Certificate and completion of the Service Transition Lifecycle course from an Accredited Training Provider is required to sit the exam

It is recommended that students should complete at least 21 hours of personal study by reviewing the syllabus and the Service TYransition book in preparation for the examination.

The exam is a closed book exam with eight (8) multiple choice, scenario-based, gradient scored questions.

Exam duration is a maximum 90 minutes for all candidates in their respective language (candidates sitting the examination in a language other than their first language have a maximum of 120 minutes and are allowed to use a dictionary)

Each question will have 4 possible answer options, one of which is worth 5 marks, one which is worth 3 marks, one which is worth 1 mark, and one which is a distracter and achieves no marks.

Pass score is 28/40 or 70%

Distinction pass score is under consideration


 Day 1  Day 2  Day 3
Introduction Service Transition Processes Part II Organizing for Service Transition
Service Transition Principals Service Transition Processes Part III Technology Considerations
Implementing & Improving Service Transition
Service Transition Principals Service Transition Processes Part III Challenges, CSF’s & Risks
Service Transition Processes Part I Managing People through Service Transition Exam Prep / Mock Exam
Homework (review of day’s material)