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ITIL® MALC Course Pack (accredited)

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Product Description

The PassionIT Group ITIL® MALC Course Pack contains a printed version of the class material that is provided as part of the PassionIT ITIL MALC Class in support of the accredited PassionIT ITIL MALC training as follows:

  • Accredited ITIL MALC Student Handbook
  • ITIL MALC Course Syllabus
  • Passing Your ITIL MALC Exam
  • ITIL Glossary
  • 2 practice/mock exams with answer/rationale booklets
  • ITIL Process worksheet
  • ITIL MALC course agenda

The ITIL MALC Student Handbook is the guide that the instructor follows to present the course content.

The Passing Your ITIL MALC Exam is a handy reference will help you study for the ITIL MALC class and exam.

Note: This course pack is meant as an accompaniment to an accredited class. Per the Axelos requirements, you must complete an accredited class before you are eligible to take the exam. Studying this material in absence of a class does not fulfill this requirement.

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