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AboutrightimageStart with our philosophy toward IT service management. We believe that there is a better way to conduct IT training: a way not only to train and coach your team, but also to educate and mentor them. This approach recognizes that your ultimate goal is better organizational health. We call this “common sense” service management because we base our work as much on life principles as on IT principles. We don’t settle for short-term thinking, and neither should you. That’s why we use a proprietary learning model that aligns your IT service with your total business process. Simply put, we bring out your passion for learning when we bring our passion for IT.

Why settle for a consulting firm that treats you as a referral, instead of a friend? Why settle for training when your team can receive an education? Why settle for a consultant when you can work alongside your mentor? Other service management firms consider this radical thinking. To Passion IT, it’s just common sense.

Pursuing the strategy for improvement through the business vision and goals
Analyzing the data that is needed for improvement
Storing the findings to evaluate the integrity of the data and operational goals
Scrutinizing the information and data for accuracy to create improvement
Illustrating the information gathered through trends and targets, gathering improvement requirements
Opening the doors by presenting the information and using the information gathered to create an action plan
Nurturing the growth of IT by implementing improvement and enhancing awareness to the business
Investigating the overall health of the business and setting meaningful measurements
Talking about the findings to create a Continual Service Improvement (CSI) environment.

PassionIT. Common sense solutions to service management.

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one of the most insightful training sessions I’ve attended in my professional career


Scott’s workshop was a real eye opener for me and my executive team


nothing they couldn’t provide advice and guidance on

Business Owner