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Private Group Training


Private Group Training

We offer private group training (in-house or virtual) for all levels of ITIL® Certification. Depending upon the number of students participating (usually a minimum of 8 is required to achieve a significant per student price break), the per student cost for our private classes is typically significantly less than the public classroom or virtual class price.

Private Group Training quotes are all inclusive and includes all examination fees, instructor fees, travel, and student material expenses. The cost per student varies depending on the number of students and location of the class. Bulk discounts are included in each quote and increase as the minimum number of students increases.

All of our private group training quotes are covered by our retake policy. In the event that a student in the class does not pass the exam, they will be entitled to 30-days access to the PassionIT group eLearning course, a one-on-one focused review session with one of our instructors, and a PeopleCert administered exam voucher for their retake at no additional charge.

When teaching classes like this, our experience has taught us that something is going to come up and there will be students who will be unable to attend as planned. When this occurs, we only invoice for the actual number of attendees. This way, you only pay for the actual number of students in the class.

You can contact us via phone at: 919-629-8292

In case we are unable to pickup immediately, we will return your call most times within 4 hours, but no more than 24 hours. You will be provided with a cell phone number for future conversations.

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