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IT Training & Workshops

The empowerment of a team is essential to the success of any IT organization. PassionIT offers business process, service management, and project management-related education and training for your IT needs that includes PMP boot camp and all ITIL® certifications.  This training is offered at your location or ours and is delivered in an onsite, live virtual, or complete eLearning classroom using our accredited courseware.  Our instructors are accredited and have high security clearance to support your classified requirements. PassionIT trainers have access to the leading examining institutes for certification examinations. We have delivered classes to thousands of students, maintaining a very high customer satisfaction rating with above average certification pass rates.

Multiple Training Delivery Options to Meet Your Needs


If you don’t have the time to sit in a classroom, we can provide you an ITIL® Certification course online that reinforces the contribution that enterprise IT makes to business success. Our system creates rapid familiarization with terminology, tools and processes and breaks down silos, energizing and motivating staff towards successful change.



The classroom offers a relational experience, which allows students to learn from each other as well as from the instructor, and a dedicated environment helps them focus. We offer this standup delivery utilizing our team of accredited trainers at our many classroom locations or onsite at your facility.  We can also accredit your trainer(s) for the classroom environment.


Since service management is not specific to a customer, your education and training requirements should be tailored to fit your needs. We have the ability to customize client-specific instruction to match your requirements and method of delivery. We offer custom course packages for all levels of the organization in both standup and self-paced learning.

We Have Many Classes to Choose From. View Our Course Catalog to Get Started!

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Business Strategy

Your IT business strategy will determine the direction and success of your service organization. PassionIT can assist you in defining your organization’s overall vision, business alignment requirements, and tactical goals. Our partnership will converge your business and IT strategies with our clearly-defined objectives, ultimately leading to setting and delivering your expectations.

Project Management

Project management is the process and activity of planning, organizing, and directing resources, following a defined framework and procedures to achieve specific business goals. The PassionIT team will assist you in gaining the knowledge, skills, and techniques needed to execute projects effectively, ensuring that the lifecycle of your business connects project results to business goals.

Organizational Health

Organizational health of IT teams is crucial to the success of any company. The efficiency with which an organization is able to meet business objectives and goals is extremely important to its success. A healthy organization knows how well the stakeholders communicate and handle responsibility and how resources are defined and properly utilized. PassionIT, with its decades of IT service management wisdom and knowledge and the ITIL® framework, will assist you in creating a healthy organization infrastructure using best practices and known successful strategies.

Executive Enablement

When a business defines strategic goals and sets growth aspirations, it’s vital that the rest of the organization is aligned to execute those goals to achieve success. But often, there is a gap between strategic goals and IT departments. PassionIT can help you fill in the gaps by applying IT Service Management best practices and giving you the tools to analyze and communicate between the business and the IT organization.

Let Us Create a Custom Workshop Unique to Your Needs.

Custom Workshop

Take The Next Step

Become a Trainer

Whether you are looking to become a trainer internally or wish to deliver training publicly, we are always interested in mentoring you through the accreditation process. PassionIT Certified Trainers are the premier technical and instructional experts in IT Service Management. Join this exclusive group of IT Service Management professionals and reap the benefits of training certification, including access to expert trainers, coaches, and mentors. Start a career in sharing the Service Management experience and bring organizations the wisdom generated through your education and knowledge.

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Receiving your ITIL® accreditation is one of the most rewarding IT Service Managements steps that you can achieve in your professional career. Using the knowledge you obtain and seeing the impact of the wisdom you can share with your organization will create the growth path you are looking for to catapult you to the next level in accomplishment.  IT Service level professionals are some of the most sought after professionals in the IT field of disciplines. PassionIT Certified Trainers are the premier technical and instructional experts in IT Service Management. Join this exclusive group of IT Service Management professionals and reap the benefits of training certification, including access to the expert trainers, coaches, and mentors. Become a certified trainer or receive your accreditation and start a career in sharing the Service Management experience bringing the wisdom generated through your education and knowledge to your organization.

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