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Do you have a schedule?

Yes, all public classes are listed on the calendar.  Web-based are as needed and starts with your initial login.  We can provide a private class with at least 5 students, most anywhere with at least 3 weeks notice.

What is the certification path and do you offer all classes in the journey?

The certification path is dictated by the governing body for the specific certification.  For each certification, we offer all classes.

Do you sell the classes online?

Yes, PassionIT offers a full line of IT Service Management offerings online.

Do you offer the coursepacks for self study?

For most classes, we have self study books available, however some certifications require an accredited course completion prior to sitting for the exam

If I’m certified at ITIL® v2, can I bridge to v3

The bridge from v2 to v3 is no longer available.

Can you send me additional information, is it immediately downloadable?

Most information is downloadable with more being posted daily.  If there is something you would like, but do not see, let us know.

Do you travel for event speaking?

We have a deep team of industry professionals that are available to speak with proper notice.

Do you offer mentoring vs. consulting?

We prefer coaching/mentoring over consulting.  The difference we see is in the first approach, we guide you to internal success.  In the latter, you rely on someone else for the ultimate deliverable and the wisdom is retained with the consultant.

Can you provide any experiential learning at my location?

Yes, we feel that experiential learning is the necessary approach to internal success.  Providing this onsite, in a coaching model, allow your group to learn by doing, and improve from knowing.

What kinds of business simulation software do you use?

We currently offer the Polestar simulation suite of products from G2G3.  You can see the video on our simulations page.  We are constantly reviewing other products and expect to add to our gaming and simulation portfolio in 2016.

Do you offer a pass rate guarantee or money back for your classes?

This is a common question and often misunderstood.  A pass rate guarantee means that you offer the class over and over until the learner either passes or gives up in which case monies are refunded.  Our low class seat costs do not price in this option.  However because we only use trainers with 10+ years experience with the material being presented our pass rates are among the highest in the industry.

What are your pass rates, satisfaction?

We currently have a 99.5% satisfaction rating in total with a 100% instructor satisfaction.  Pass rates vary per certification exam, but are above the average for the exam.

Do you offer support for ITSM tools?

Within the PassionIT Group, we have experience in most of the commonly used ITSM tools.  We offer coaching and guidance on the selection, implementation and use.

Are you available on social media with tweets, blogs, newsletters?

Please subscribe to our newsletter, twitter and blogs.  They contain current information in the industry, as well as, within PassionIT Group.

What partnerships do you have?

Answer:  From a PassionIT Group perspective, we have partnerships with many other service management exams, simulation and training providers.  In addition, we offer several levels of partnerships for organizations looking for contract trainers, courseware and/or exams, either individually or as a package.

Can you deliver/support internationally?

Answer:  We are not constrained by international borders and have delivered classes and course material to other countries with appropriate sponsorship.

What is your differentiator?

Answer:  Because everyone that is part of the PassionIT Group team has a high regard for relationships and a servant heart; we deliver trust, honesty and openness in all that we do.  Setting and maintaining expectations while remaining flexible to the needs of all that we serve is our mission.

Do you support government bid opportunities?

Answer:  PassionIT Group does support government bid opportunities through their large network of partners.

What is your business classification from an 8A, etc. perspective?

Answer:  PassionIT Group is a Veteran Owned Small Business with partners having the 8A and other type classifications.

Can you support opportunities that require TS/SCI level clearances?

Answer:  Due to the high demand for classified location training, we maintain a pool of professionals with TS/SCI level clearances, most are retired military and are currently using their clearances.

What is the benefit of ITIL4?

ITIL 4 enables candidates to look at IT service management through an end-to-end operating model for the creation, delivery and continual improvement of tech-enabled products and services. As a natural progression of ITIL v3, ITIL4 focuses on the concepts of costs, outcomes, risks, and value and includes additional best practices and new material on Agile, DevOps, and Lean as key focus areas of integration.

I have my ITIL v3 Foundation certification. Should I take the ITIL4 Foundation course to transition ITIL 4?

If you have taken only ITIL v3 Foundation, then the recommended approach is to take ITIL 4 Foundation in order to be able to transition to the new scheme.

Can I sit the ITIL v3 intermediates or ITIL v3 Practitioner classes/exams if I have my ITIL 4 foundation certification?

Yes, ITIL4 Foundation certification qualifies you to sit the ITIL v3 intermediates or ITIL v3 Practitioner classes/exams. It is recommended that you do some pre-work to fully understand the Service Lifecycle prior to pursuing the v3 certifications.

I already have multiple ITIL V3 certifications, what are my options?

If you already possess 17 ITILv3 credits, you are eligible to take the ITIL Managing Professional Transition Module – you do not have to take the ITIL V3 Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) exam. If you have your ITIL Expert certification, you can take the transition exam in order to convert your ITIL Expert certification to an ITIL Managing Professional. Once you have achieved ITIL Managing Professional and you complete the ITIL Leader: Digital & IT Strategy, you become an ITIL Strategic Leader.

Should I stop pursuing the ITIL v3 intermediates and wait for ITIL4?

No.  ITIL v3 qualifications are still valid and have some standing in the ITIL 4 scheme.  Many of the subject areas appear in both ITIL v3 and ITIL 4.