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PassionIT services are offered globally by an experienced professional IT service management team. Each trainer has a minimum of 20 years practical experience, and most have high level security clearances for those classified contracts. These professionals will guide your teams to a new level of IT strategies, quality, performance, and solutions. We will create a cohesiveness within your IT service management organization that will aid in the growth of your business and business goals using the ITIL® framework and other supporting frameworks. We are fervent about giving you the service needed to make your business successful and exceeding your expectations through Strategic Planning, Simulation, Business Coaching, Assessment, or Root Cause Analysis. Our team is passionate about assisting you to success.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is an organization’s process of defining its strategy and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy. Use PassionIT to assist in implementing an IT service management framework. We will work to guide the implementation by creating a foundation of strategic superiority for the IT infrastructure.

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PassionIT will assist you in the flow of your IT service management infrastructure by using the G2G3 Polestar simulations for both Project and Service Management. This allows the IT organization to measure its resources and review the current business processes, giving a real-time baseline to create an analysis of overall strengths and weaknesses.

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Business Coaching

Business coaching refers to methods of helping others to improve, develop, learn new skills, and find success. PassionIT is a team of professionals with decades of service management experience and a passion to work alongside you in whatever is needed to make you or your organization as successful as possible, no matter what your specific goals may be.

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Having a clear view of what is important to the business is paramount. Making sure your objectives are concrete and measurable will assist your business to be successful. Being specific, such as achieving best practices and having a business strategy with vision, mission, and goals, is the objective. Reviewing the business Critical Success Factors (CSF) and aligning them with clear Key Performance Initiatives (KPI), associated metrics, and targeted reporting, ensures a continual measurement system targeted to what is important to your business success.

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Root Cause Analysis

Root cause analysis is a method of problem solving used for identifying the root cause of faults or problems within any organization. The PassionIT group has the experience needed to analyze issues that are causing outages or issues within your business. Using an ITIL® framework, we will study your situation and create a solution while working with your teams to create a knowledge base to encourage best practices for eliminating issues and creating a proactive environment.

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one of the most insightful training sessions I’ve attended in my professional career


Scott’s workshop was a real eye opener for me and my executive team


nothing they couldn’t provide advice and guidance on

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