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Management of Risk® Practitioner

Management of Risk® Practitioner

Management of Risk® Practitioner

Learning Formats:

eLearning Bundle: $378

eLearning Bundle w/Course Pack: $492

*Digital courseware

Product Description

The M_o_R® Practitioner certification confirms that you have you have sufficient understanding of how to apply and tailor M_o_R in a scenario situation.

M_o_R is a route map for risk management, bringing together principles, an approach, a set of interrelated processes, and pointers to more detailed sources of advice on risk management techniques and specialisms.

It also provides advice on how the principles, approach, and processes should be embedded, reviewed, and applied depending on the nature of the objectives at risk. An effective framework based on the following core concepts:

  • M_o_R Principles – these are essential for the development of good risk management practice. They are all derived from corporate governance principles in the recognition that risk management is a subset of an organization’s internal controls.
  • M_o_R Approach – the principles need to be adapted and adopted to suit each individual organization. Accordingly, a company’s approach to the principles needs to be agreed upon and defined within a risk management policy, process guide, and strategies and supported by the use of risk registers and issue logs.
  • M_o_R Processes  – there are four main process steps, which describe the inputs, outputs, and activities involved in ensuring that risks are identified, assessed, and controlled. Embedding and reviewing M_o_R – having put in place the principles, approach, and processes – an organization needs to ensure they are consistently applied and that their application undergoes continual improvement in order for them to be effective.

As part of the PassionIT Group course, you will receive the PassionIT Group M_o_R Practitioner course pack. The course pack contains all of the class material that you will use during the class including the following:

  • Accredited PassionIT Group M_o_R Practitioner Course Book
  • M_o_R: Guidance for Practitioners by Axelos
  • M_o_R Practitioner Course Syllabus
  • M_o_R Glossary
  • Practice/mock exam with answer/rationale booklets

The M_o_R Foundation coursebook provides a complete and extensive guide in an easy-to-follow structure, which is ideal for learning, and developing an understanding of the basic concepts, principles, and terminology associated with risk management.

The M_o_R: Guidance for Practitioners Guide by Axelos brings together risk management principles, an approach, and a process with a set of interrelated steps. It supports decision-making and advises how these principles, approaches, and processes should be embedded, reviewed, and applied within different risk contexts.

The Take2 re-sit option

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Please note, the Take2 re-sit option inot transferable, non-refundable, and cannot be redeemed for cash or credit, even if it is not used.


To take the M_o_R® Practitioner, you must hold a current M_o_R Foundation certificate.

In addition to the class, it is strongly recommended that students become very familiar with the M_o_R: Guidance for Practitioners book. This book is the basis of the course and is used for the open book exam. Students with a high level of familiarity with this book and an in-depth understanding of the information this book provides have had a higher level of success on the exam.

Certification Expiration

The M_o_R® Practitioner certification will expire after 5 years. In order to maintain your qualification and ensure there are no gaps in your Practitioner status, you should retake the M_o_R Practitioner Exam before the expiry date.

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