CompTIA Security+ is an essential credential for anyone aspiring to a cybersecurity career. It establishes the core knowledge of security concepts, practices, and tools, equipping professionals to protect organizations from cyber threats and weaknesses. 

This blog looks at CompTIA Security+, the exam format, and how it can benefit anyone who wants to pursue IT security or cybersecurity.

Importance in the Cybersecurity Industry

CompTIA Security+ is a global certification that validates the baseline skills required to perform core security functions. It complies with ISO 17024 standards and is valued across the government and IT industries as an indicator of a professional’s understanding of security best practices. It is essential for those seeking to enter or advance in cybersecurity because it is a prerequisite for many entry-level jobs.

Understanding the CompTIA Security+ Exam (SY0-601 and SY0-701)

The CompTIA Security+ exam assesses a candidate’s understanding and application of core security principles. It is available in two versions: SY0-601 and the newer SY0-701. The exam objectives target different domains of cybersecurity knowledge, ensuring a thorough evaluation of the candidate’s skills.

Breakdown of Exam

Each exam features performance-based questions that cover the following:


  • Understanding various cyber security threats and attacks, recognizing weaknesses, and implementing mitigation techniques to safeguard against threats. This domain also encompasses understanding the impact of these threats on identity and access management systems.
  • Knowledge of secure network architecture and design principles, including integrating and implementing public key infrastructure (PKI) to secure communications and authenticate identities within the network.
  • Skills in implementing secure network and system configurations. This involves deploying robust identity and access management solutions to control access to resources and manage user identities effectively.
  • Operations and Incident Response: Managing security procedures and effectively responding to incidents. This includes maintaining the integrity of identity and access management protocols and public key infrastructure during security events and incident responses.
  • Principles of Governance, Risk, and Compliance: Understanding governance principles, risk management strategies, and compliance with laws and regulations, particularly as they relate to identity and access management and public key infrastructure within the organizational security framework


  • Foundational security concepts and practices.
  • Identifying threats, assessing weaknesses, and implementing mitigation strategies.
  • Study of security architecture and design considerations.
  • Management of security within an organization.
  • Managing and overseeing security programs in an enterprise.

CompTIA updates the Security+ certification exam every three years, aligning it with the latest industry trends and practices. This ensures the certification remains up-to-date in the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Who Can Take the CompTIA Security+ Exam?

CompTIA Security+ is available to those new to cybersecurity, with no mandatory educational or professional prerequisites. This allows many individuals, including career switchers and newcomers, to attempt certification. However, it is recommended that individuals have some background knowledge and experience before taking the exam, including:

  • Understanding general IT and security concepts from academic courses, self-study, or work experience
  • Knowledge of basic networking principles gained through experience or certifications like CompTIA Network+

Exam Registration, Cost, and Continuing Education for CompTIA Security+

Registering for the CompTIA Security+ exam is easy. It involves selecting between SY0-601 and SY0-701, signing up through CompTIA’s website or an authorized testing center, scheduling a date and location, and paying the exam fee, typically around $390, though prices may vary slightly.

After passing the exam, the CompTIA Security+ certification remains valid for three years. To maintain the certification, participants should engage in and document continuing education activities or even retake and pass the latest version of the Security+ exam.

Start Your Career with PassionIT Group

At PassionIT Group, we believe CompTIA Security+ is the first certification anyone interested in a cyber security career should earn. It establishes the core knowledge required for any cybersecurity role and provides a springboard to intermediate-level jobs. Whether you are looking for a customized course for a corporate setting or online training for yourself, we have a CompTIA Security+ option for you. Check out our course catalog for our complete list of current offerings.