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Online Training provided to you by PassionIT Group and ITProTV

If you don’t have the time to sit in a classroom, we can provide you the opportunity to take certification courses online through our  elearning program developed in partnership with ITProTV. These courses:

  • Create rapid familiarization with terminologies, tools and processes
  • Provide realization of the contribution that enterprise IT makes to business success
  • Break down silos, energizing and motivating staff towards successful change
  • Create commitment to related improvement programs

The On Demand option is self-paced study giving you the opportunity to progress through the material at a pace and time that is most convenient for you. The course material is presented by an accredited instructor in a series of videos and/or voice over power point presentations that cover the accredited course material. All of the information you need is included in the On Demand package.

PassionIT On Demand classes deliver the course content in a free-form discussion format rather than that of a rigidly structure classroom. Many have found this to be a more comfortable/successful approach for the type of material being presented. To get an idea of how the material is presented, you can go to ITPro.tv and create a free membership.

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