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Product Description

AgileSHIFT® equips you for transformational change and gives you the knowledge and guidance to confidently understand, engage with and influence change by embracing agile and lean ways of working.

This lightweight, tailorable framework provides explicit guidance on the known barriers to successful transformation, providing both individuals and organizations with accessible, practical, and solution-driven guidance.

AgileSHIFT® eLearning certification equips you to:

  • recognize and understand why transformation in your organization is necessary
  • utilize agile and lean ways of working to be able to work in more agile ways immediately
  • be part of a culture of organizational-wide agility
  • use the tailorable framework to champion change within your organization.

Who is it for?

Most organizations know that they need to transform and work in a more agile way. Yet a frequent problem is the creation of isolated agile delivery teams unsupported by a wider organizational engagement initiative. Those agile delivery teams need to interact with other business functions including Finance, HR, Operations, Sales & Marketing, and Legal. Often, these teams do not know why an agile approach is being used, the benefits associated with it, or how best to enable that way of working. Plus, their traditional working processes are not set up to support agile. This is where current approaches to organizational agility are failing.

AgileSHIFT has been designed to be used by the entire organization, regardless of role, function, or seniority. By enabling the whole organization to learn and understand the value and benefits of agility, and where and how it should be adopted, the organization can begin to transform.

As part of the PassionIT Group course, you will receive the PassionIT Group AgileSHIFT digital course pack. The course pack contains all of the class material that you will use during the class including the following:

  • Accredited PassionIT Group AgileSHIFT Course Book
  • A Guide to AgileSHIFT by Axelos
  • AgileSHIFT Course Syllabus
  • Practice/mock exam with answer/rationale booklets

The AgileSHIFT coursebook provides a complete and extensive guide in an easy-to-follow structure, which is ideal for learning, and developing an understanding of the basic concepts, principles, and terminology associated with IT risk management.

The Guide to AgileSHIFT by Axelos provides insights into why organizations need to transform and offers guidance to support a shift towards enterprise agility. The guide has been designed to help prepare organizations to successfully change the way they work. Each organization’s approach to change will be different and their approach must be tailored to the relevant sector, industry, and organization. This is reflected in this guide.


The Take2 re-sit option

The Take2 re-sit option



To sit the exam, all candidates must complete the accredited training to enable a full understanding of the core material.


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